Changing Futures’ Project Touchdown Gets Started!


Changing Futures… one Teen at a Time!

Project-Touchdown-RenderingThank you to all who came out to the ground breaking event on August 16th. The Changing Futures Foundation and the Terra Centre are excited to get the Project Touchdown construction started with your help.

Click here to see the CBC Edmonton news coverage of this event.

The Changing Futures Foundation and the Terra Centre have partnered to provide safe, secure, and affordable housing for teen parents completing their education, while raising their children. These young people will benefit from the Changing Futures Foundation’s first affordable housing solution, Project Touchdown, a four-plex located in the Montrose neighborhood of Edmonton.


The Board of Changing Futures with some of the parents and children who will benefit from Project Touchdown.


The Board of Changing Futures with Cam Ferchoff, General Manger of Bedrock Homes, who will be heading the construction of Project Touchdown.

Founded in 2011, the goal of Changing Futures Foundation is to build capacity and provide sustainable solutions to help others help themselves. The Foundation is committed to creating partnerships and opportunities that support underprivileged or marginalized individuals and families as they work toward building their own sustainable, brighter futures.

“Project Touchdown embodies what the Changing Futures Foundation is all about… extending a helping hand to those who deserve a second chance to create the future they deserve”, says Dianne Young, Changing Futures Foundation Board Member.

Project Touchdown is specifically designed to meet the needs of teen parents. Once the first group of teens have completed their education and are solidly employed, they will move to more traditional housing and Terra Centre will populate the Project Touchdown four-plex with another group of teens also committed to raising their children while going to school.

“Safe and affordable housing is the changer maker. We see the difference it makes everyday for our young parents who are working hard toward their goals of education and advancing their employment opportunities”, adds Terra Centre Executive Director Karen Mottershead. “Terra is thrilled to be collaborating in partnership with the Changing Futures Foundation to help build stronger, more promising futures for the young families we serve.”

The generous benefactor of the Changing Futures Foundation is Carrington Group of Companies, who recently raised over $16,000 at their 24th Annual Trades Golf Tournament to help fund Project Touchdown. Without generous support from Carrington and Bedrock Homes staff and trades, this project would not be possible.